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Mochaware is a decorative pottery made in England, France and North America in the late 1700's and early 1800's. Though inexpensive and utilitarian when made, it is now a very rare and sought-after artifact. Shelburne Museum's collection of Mochaware is the largest public collection anywhere. My own visit to see the collection in 2013 left my head spinning with its beauty, shapes, designs, and colors, and I decided then to create a series of abstract art quilts celebrating Mochaware.

Mochaware - I
16" x 14", 2013
Mochaware - II
37" x 23", 2014
Mochaware - III
20" x 29", 2014
Mochaware - V
37" x 24", 2014
Mochaware - VII
19" x 19", 2014
Private collection
Mochaware - VIII
44" x 28", 2014
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