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The 100-Block Series

While on vacation, I met a painter, Claudia Brookes, who said she had just completed a self-challenge: to paint 100 (small) paintings in 100 days. I immediately translated that into my own self-challenge: to create 100 improvisational blocks in 100 days. The following fiberworks resulted in large part from those blocks...and the many more that have been made since then. When bored, or feeling artistically dry, I find that making blocks randomly can often trigger ideas for a new piece.

A Week In the Studio
44" x 28", 2015
Beachfront Property
40¼" x 20½", 2015
Private collection
Painted Into The Corner
42½" x 35¼", 2015
Mochaware VIII
44" x 28", 2014
The Fall
30¼" x 25¾", 2013
Private collection
Surfacing I
23½" x 23¼", 2015
The Melon Blues
41¾" x 27½", 2016
42" x 27½", 2017
The Yellow Square
31" x 24", 2017
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